An amazing journey of returning to mother earth

Meet Mr. Greg Peebles of Toronto who has made it his life mission to fight global warming, and aiding the less fortunate to leave the world in a better shape than he found it. With a recognition that global warming and climate change are not only inextricably interlinked, but owe much to human agency, he has planned to set up a non-governmental organization which will have several charitable functions. Chief among these would be support given to scientists who propose to find ways and means of countering global warming in a sustainable manner.

More Than Pipe Dreams
Taking his cue from the biblical injunction which says you shouldn’t let your left hand know what your right hand does, Greg Peebles plans to keep the diverse activities of his new organization compartmentalized. This would enable activities like empowering women to generate income by utilizing latent talents and recognized skills to carry on apace with scientific research without impinging on the others’ resources.

Extending a helping hand: “There is a vital need to reach out to people who need a helping hand to find their feet,” says Greg Peebles. “To make any change in circumstances sustainable, we must ensure that people are being facilitated to improve their own circumstances. When you give direct aid, people expect you to pick them up everytime they take a toss.”

Teach a Person to Fish …
A firm believer in the in the principle that when you teach someone to fish, you feed her/him for the rest of her/his life, Greg Peebles thinks that imparting training to people should be the foundation of all charitable work. While distributing food and blankets during festivities and special occasions have their own value, especially for the recipients; it is vital that people should be taught to provide for themselves. Self-pride and self-respect are reinforced when people are helped to overcome their difficulties by themselves.

Several training programs lined up: There are plans to create several training programs which will capitalize on latent talents, and existing skills of people who show up for aid. This is a windfall for many of those who desire to add to their skills as a way of improving their earnings or to create new avenues of income. It could simply mean making production more streamlined, or doing things more efficiently.

Research programs on the anvil: It is not enough to identify what has been causing global warming. “Ways must be found to mitigate the impact, if these causes can’t be eliminated altogether,” says Greg Peebles. “Therefore, we propose to encourage innovators to find cost efficient alternate energy sources, and mitigatory strategies. These could be substitution of materials; different technologies being brought into play, or simply doing it differently.”

Falling back on mother nature: Some of the research will focus on energy uses to make a quantum shift from non-renewable to renewable sources of energy. This would require harnessing the sun’s energy, and the power of the wind which countries having a long sea coastline can do. Not only will this conserve the earth’s natural resources; potentially it will radically reduce the carbon footprints of the humans.

The bottom line of all these activities will be sustainability, to ensure that any progress which is made does not disintegrate when the principal players are no longer active. So, for all those who are interested in being part of this initiative, this is your opportunity to do your bit for mother earth, and for the less fortunate

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