FAMEEX Embracing Regulation and Compliance with New Headquarters Announcement in Australia

North Parramatta, Australia / March 01, 2022 / SEAPRWIRE / 2021 was a roller coaster for the cryptocurrency circle and it is not just about the value of the digital assets. The compliance standards and regulations across the globe from China to the United States have mounted huge pressure on the trading platforms. Based in city-state Singapore since its launch in late 2019, FAMEEX announced its new operational headquarters will soon move to Australia in order to continue complying with sanctions laws and regulations administered by the governments across the globe.

FAMEEX Welcomes Regulations

The young exchange FAMEEX has dedicated to providing safe and straightforward trading experience for more than two years. Despite crypto investors may not be familiar with the platform yet, FAMEEX continues to improve its products, services and campaigns with rigorous coin-listing rules and a wide range of marketing events. Strict rules show FAMEEXs commitment to a secure investment environment while the enjoyable campaigns intend to communicate the companys philosophy that crypto is here for everyone who believes in a decentralized world instead of an exclusive way to earn money for tech-savvy elites.

Taking a Collaborative Approach with Authorities

China shook up the entire crypto industry with a sweeping ban on crypto. Any form of crypto trading has been outlawed since September 2021. Prominent exchanges, including FAMEEX, then started moving out of China. These gestures signal FAMEEXs willingness to cooperate with the authorities when it comes to regulatory compliance. The exchange has taken this opportunity to examine its operation and therefore has been hunting for new headquarters for the operation team.

Seeking a New Base

As a global financial center, Singapore has branded itself as a hub for blockchain technology which is the fundamental reason why FAMEEX chose to build the operational team in the city-state. In order to continue abiding by the rules and regulations, FAMEEX then reveals its decision to wind down the operations in Singapore.

After months of consideration, FAMEEX has now decided to move to Australia as an official base of operations. FAMEEX is said to hold the license in Australia so it seems to be a rational and reasonable decision to make. As its staff revealed that all of its operations will not be affected by the move and the platform will be looking forward to providing services to more diversified investors in the coming years


The rising exchange FAMEEX started its trial operation in September 2019 and officially launched services on the 1st of January 2020. FAMEEX has dedicated to providing the safe, stable and fast trading experience for users. Since the priority of FAMEEX is security and safety, it only offers the mainstream cryptocurrencies having no exploitation concerns. Services including, grid trading, perpetual futures contract, spot trading and super commission rebate program are provided.

With a four-layer ladder encryption protection mechanism, users who trade on FAMEEX hardly need to consider the safety issue while enjoying relatively low trading fees. The basic spot trading fee is 1‰ while the futures trading fee is 0.2‰. Through constant optimizations, FAMEEX hopes to offer a more enjoyable trading journey for users who can trade straightforwardly.

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