Seeing Safely: The Essential Guide to Choosing and Using Laser Safety Glasses

02/22/2024- Middlesex, NJ: In the ever-evolving landscape of laser technology, ensuring the safety of professionals working with lasers is paramount. Laser safety products, ranging from protective glasses to barriers and warning signs, form the frontline defense against the potential hazards of laser radiation.  Among these essential products are protective glasses, windows, sheeting, signs, and barrier systems, collectively providing reliable protection for individuals across diverse sectors.  This guide focuses on the essential aspects of choosing and using laser safety glasses, with a spotlight on the offerings from Phillips Safety, a leading name in the field.

Phillips Safety, a leading name in laser safety, stands out for its commitment to providing high-quality solutions tailored to meet specific needs. Phillips Safety takes customization to a new level by offering high-quality polycarbonate filters that can be precisely tailored to fit specific applications. The company’s commitment to meeting the unique needs of users extends to providing custom-made combined glass and polycarbonate filters. This versatility underscores the importance of having laser safety equipment that aligns seamlessly with the demands of diverse industries.

Wavelength Knowledge for Optimal Protection

Selecting the right laser safety glasses hinges on a fundamental understanding of the laser’s wavelength. Phillips Safety caters to this need with glasses designed for specific wavelength ranges, such as 190nm to 10,600nm, ideal for industrial and medical applications. This targeted approach ensures that professionals are equipped with the most effective protective filters, mitigating potential risks associated with laser exposure.

Phillips Safety’s extensive range of laser filters accommodates a variety of wavelengths. Polycarbonate filters, known for their lightweight nature, offer a broad wavelength absorption range. On the other hand, laser glass filters prove optimal for mid- to high-power density lasers, showcasing the diversity of materials available for different laser applications.

Standards, Certification, and Optical Density

Ensuring the efficacy of laser safety products involves adherence to industry standards and certifications. Phillips Safety’s products undergo rigorous testing, with CE certification serving as a mark of quality assurance. Optical Density (OD) is a crucial metric, measuring the attenuation of light passing through the laser filter. While OD is informative, Phillips Safety goes the extra mile by subjecting their glasses to direct hits from specified lasers for 5 seconds, providing a tangible measure of laser endurance.

EVB5 Laser Safety Glasses 1375 with a polycarbonate brown lens filter offer effective laser protection and 28% visible light transmission. Compliant with ANSI Z87+ and ANSI Z136.1 safety standards, these glasses feature a durable, lightweight rectangular frame in black, crafted from high-quality plastic with bent temples and integrated side shields for enhanced protection and style.


The DH83 laser safety glasses are a blend of style and protection, with a polycarbonate brown lens filter providing laser protection and 33% visible light transmission, these glasses meet ANSI Z87+ and ANSI Z136.1 safety standards. Crafted with a durable, lightweight fit over a frame made of high-quality plastic, the 33 laser safety glasses feature adjustable temples and integrated side shields for optimal comfort and protection. Choose between black and tortoise for a combination of style and safety, making these the Best laser protection glasses.

Application-Specific Products for a Growing Market

As the demand for high-powered lasers continues to surge across the military, aerospace, research, education, and cosmetic surgery industries, the market for laser safety products is expanding. Phillips Safety positions itself as a reliable partner, offering high-quality laser safety glasses to meet the evolving needs of professionals working in various fields. The company’s commitment to excellence ensures that users can confidently navigate the increasing challenges posed by high-powered lasers. 

Comprehensive Protection Beyond Glasses

Laser safety is not confined to protective glasses alone. Phillips Safety offers a comprehensive range of products, including sheetings, barriers, and windows, addressing the multifaceted nature of laser safety. These elements play pivotal roles in reducing risks by effectively blocking laser beams and creating secure work environments. Whether it’s laser safety, radiation protection, welding safety, or glassworking protection, Phillips Safety ensures that professionals have access to a diverse array of tools for a holistic safety approach.

In conclusion, the selection and use of laser safety glasses are intricate processes that demand attention to detail, adherence to standards, and a commitment to quality. Phillips Safety emerges as a beacon in the laser safety landscape, providing tailored solutions and top-notch products for professionals working with lasers. As the demand for high-powered lasers continues to grow, prioritizing laser safety is not just a precaution; it is imperative for the well-being of those at the forefront of laser technology 

For those looking to delve deeper into the world of laser safety solutions, Phillips Safety invites you to explore their comprehensive range of products on their website. Discover how their cutting-edge technology and commitment to safety can address the unique needs of your industry, ensuring that you and your team are equipped with the highest-quality laser safety products available. Explore the possibilities and elevate your laser safety measures with Phillips Safety.

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